Crosses And Crafts


Crosses are crafted in many different sizes and layers to meet your specific need!

Medium Crosses

Medium Crosses dimensions are 18" Tall and 12" Wide!   Small crosses come in one or two layers!   View Now!

Large Crosses

Large Crosses dimensions are 24" Tall and 16" Wide!   Medium crosses come in one to four layers!   View Now!

Extra Large Crosses

Extra Large Crosses dimensions are 36" Tall and 24" Wide!   Large Crosses come in one to five layers!   View Now!

Cross Sets

Cross Sets are two or more crosses made to compliment each other...   Cross Sets could be one large and two mediums, one medium and two smalls, or any other combination that would suit your specific need!   View Now!

Custom Crosses

We can make a custom cross to fit your decorative need.   If you do not see the color you want, want more layers or less layers, or want the layers arranged differently, just let us know and we can have it made in no time!   View Now!

Below are some examples of our crosses!
Medium Cross Medium Cross Large Cross Large Cross Extra Large Cross