Crosses And Crafts

Welcome to our site!

Crosses and Crafts is your one stop shop for decorative wooden crosses!

Although we specialize in the layered crosses, we also have a variety of other crafts.


Crosses come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large to meet your specific needs.   The layers on the crosses range from 1 to 5!

Hair Goodies

Hair Goodies include hair bows and feathers!   Hair bows and feathers can be for infants or adults!

Baby Goodies

Baby items include baby bags, blankets, and bedding!   Our baby items are hand-made.


Frames include picture frames or frames simply for a decorative purpose!

Decorative Windows

Decorative Windows are old windows carefully treated and customized to create a unique item for your home!

Handmade Decor

Handmade Décor includes decorative birdhouses and wooden stools.

Custom Items

Almost all of our items can be duplicated.   If you see something you would like customized a little differently please don't hesitate in contacting us at anytime!